Jobs and Careers in Sports Management

While we all think about superstar athletes when we think about sports, there is an entire industry behind the athletes and the teams they play for. The sports management industry is as varied as the different sports, regions and fans are. Some of the areas of sports management are marketing, sales, graphic design and philanthropy. In the past communications majors, business graduates and lawyers were the people vying for these competitive positions. In the past decade there has been a popular movement of schools across the country offering undergraduate sport management degrees.

Sports Management Career Choices

What are some of the career choices and positions in sports management? Sports agents are one of the first careers that might come to your mind. Sports agents are basically business managers for their clients. They represent their client in contract negotiations and might manage the athlete's finances. A sports agent also handles the public relations for their client, ensuring their client maintains a positive image in the public eye for marketability purposes. These athletes will have lucrative endorsement deals and are required to promote the product and services that their agent has negotiated for them. This is a rewarding but very challenging career; requiring one to be a tough negotiator and able to manage finances and budgets.

Some other jobs in the sports management field are Sports Food Service Manager, Sports Public Relations Manager/Coordinator, Athletic Equipment Manager, Sports Marketer, Winter Sports Manager, and Sports Compliance Professionals. These are not your traditional 9-5 jobs, but they are much more exciting than your traditional 9-5 job. While most of these are fairly self explanatory job titles, you might wonder what a Winter Sports Manager is. This manager is usually involved at winter hotels or ski resorts. They supervise services for the resorts and run programs for tourists, all while living at very desirable tourist destinations in the USA.

The sports industry in the USA is a $200 billion plus industry and the jobs within the industry are highly sought after. Location, internships, and networking are some of the most valuable tools you will need to get the sports management position you desire.