Top Programs for Sports Management

The University of Massachusetts, Columbia University, Ohio University, Bowling Green State University and the University of Central Florida are just some of the schools considered to have the best sports management programs in the nation. Sports management degree programs have grown exponentially in the past two decades, but not all programs are created equal. UMass and Ohio University are two of the oldest programs, dating back to the 1960s. Graduating from one of these programs was a distinct honor, but with the proliferation of other schools offering sports management degrees the value of the degree has become diluted. Many times having a sport-specific degree is not an asset in the sports industry. Many professionals in the sports world recommend looking at programs that have their sports management program in their business school or even pursuing a business degree with a concentration in sports management.

Programs that Provide Sports Management Experience

Experience in the sport business is just as important as the degree, so it is important to choose a school with real-world experience. Look for programs managed and taught by people with firsthand experience in the sports world. Other aspects to look for are the relationships the school has with industry giants. Names like Nike and Visa for example might have links with specific schools. Programs that are known for specific niches that match a student's own interest are usually a good fit. For example schools like the University of Memphis and Baylor emphasize sales skills which can help a graduate in that segment of the sports industry. Researching the job placement of the schools is also an intelligent move; it will reflect the reputation and connections the school may have.

Considering the fact that sports are now a 200 billion-dollar plus industry it's wise to do your research. Choosing the right school and degree are extremely important in this highly competitive job market. For more information on sports management a helpful website is the North American Society for Sport Management website.