Sports Management MBA's

Considering the sports industry in the U.S. is a $200 billion-plus industry it's no surprise teams, athletic departments and leagues want leaders with an MBA. Having a master's degree in sports management will not land you the general manager position of a sports team though. This is an industry that experience is almost as important as education. Many professionals in the sports world start with their undergraduate degree and enter the job market. Most undergraduate programs offer internships in the industry and the better connected the school is the better the internship will be. Once they have some experience in the industry they go back to school for their master's degree. There are a variety of masters programs to choose from, depending upon the area you are interested in. Master's in Athletic Administration is just one example, some of the other degrees are; Master's in Sports Business Management, Master's in Business Administration, Master's in Sports Management and Master's in Sports and Recreation Management.

Choosing the Right Sports Management MBA Program

The main thing you should consider when choosing a master's degree program is its accreditation status. An accredited school meets several qualifying standards determined by numerous accrediting agencies. There are regional accreditations for traditional on campus programs while online programs should be accredited by distance learning agencies. Some sports and recreation related accreditation agencies include the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM), the Commission on Sports Management Accreditation (COSMA), and the National Recreation and Park Association/American Association for Leisure and Recreation Council on Accreditation.

According to a Turnkey Sports Poll many sports industry executives preferred a traditional Master of Business Administration degree. If the sports management program you are interested in has the program in their business college this is also a preferred degree option. A sports-specific MBA can help you handle the growing complexity of the sports management field.