Specialized Sports Management Industries

Sports management degrees are basically broken down into two segments. The typical program is either housed in a school's kinesiology department or in the business school. Programs in the kinesiology department focuses on the physical aspects of sports, this includes exercise science, athletic training, and physical education. Programs in the business school will focus on business and marketing degrees. So the first decision is if you are interested in the business end of sports management or the physical aspects of sports. Some of the jobs you could get after graduating with a degree in the kinesiology department would be a personal trainer, sports trainer, PE teacher or coach. You might also run recreational programs within schools and clubs.

Additional Job Options in Sports Management

Generally people think about the business segment when they hear sports management. This segment offers a varied choice of options for career paths. Within the 200 billion-plus sports industry in the U.S. there is an army of people working behind the scenes. The following lists some of the most popular sports management jobs and a brief description of their duties:

  • Sports Agents serve as business managers for athletes, they represent their client in contract negotiations and endorsement deals.
  • Event Ticket Sales Managers handle the season ticket holder sales and promotions as well as the ticketing sales department.
  • Food Service Managers supervise the food activities at sporting events, including the staff and vendors.
  • Athletic Equipment Managers are responsible for dealing with the athletic vendors, maintaining sports equipment budgets and track sports equipment and supervise the staff.
  • Public Relations Managers promote the image of a sports team or product; organizing public appearances and writing press releases.
  • Winter Sports Managers usually work in a winter ski resort or hotel supervising programs for tourists and handling sports activities on the slopes.
  • Sports Management Directors are in charge of sports teams, coaching or teaching, most positions will require a master's degree and experience in the industry.
  • Sports Compliance Managers ensure that all athletic rules in college or professional sports are followed.

While this is a good cross section of the jobs one can get with a sports management degree the options continue to grow as this industry continues growing.