Majoring in Sports Management

Would you like to apply your love of sports and fitness to the world of business and make a career out of it? Sports management degrees combine these two worlds and offer a variety of career choices. You can either choose to work in the business and marketing side of sports management or the health and fitness side.

Choosing the Right Sports Management School and Major

Choosing the correct school and deciding on the right major can be a daunting decision with all the different choices there are. While there are many schools offering a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management degree, industry executives polled said their favored degree when hiring an executive is a traditional Bachelor/Master of Business Administration degree. Many students are choosing to pursue a business or marketing degree with a specialization or concentration in sports management. You will need to take courses like principles of sports management, event management, ethics in sports, economics of sports and business law on top of general education and business classes. Naturally finding a business school with a good reputation will be a priority, but you will also want to consider schools with large athletic departments. Schools in Division I sports will have more opportunities for students wishing to major in sports management.

A Bachelor of Science in Sports Management with a concentration in Fitness and Health will prepare you to work as a health and fitness professional. You could work as an athletic trainer, personal trainer or athletic coach or director for fitness clubs, high school and collegiate athletics and many other fitness and health settings. Students pursuing this type of degree will need to sit for several health/fitness certifications administered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

While graduating with a degree in business or sports management is one of the stepping stones to a career in the sports industry, experience is also as important. Getting involved in athletics in high school and college, as either an athlete or working behind the scenes will go far on a resume.