Sports Management Firms

Sports management companies are as varied as the industry itself. Most firms are sports agents or player representation companies. These are companies that will work with athletes, from rising stars to veterans of the sports world. Agents work as business managers for their clients in contract negotiations and public relations. Some agents work independently, but many work for large agencies like BDA Sports or Bob Woolf Associates. IMG is known in the fashion world as well as the sports world. IMG is a global leader in the sports arena, handling ticket sales and broadcasting along with other aspects of the sports world internationally. In an agency such as this there will be a vast array of opportunities.

Sports Marketing and PR Companies

If your interest is in other areas of sports management rather than becoming an agent you will have a plethora of opportunities as well. Sports marketers might work for large companies like Nike, Adidas and Gatorade. These companies want their logos to appear on uniforms, stadiums and sporting events. Sports team publicity is handled by media relations and/or public relations companies. Public relations companies promote the sports team to the general public. A very popular career in sports management is a sports management director of a sports team. A sport management direct may work in a college or high school overseeing the athletic departments day to day operations. They will plan the academic sports program, handle the budgets and ensure all standards and policies are upheld.

When you consider the sports world which can run from golf to football the opportunities are almost endless in how you can apply a sports management degree in this industry. Sports management companies and firms can also run the gamut when it comes to the sports industry, from small companies handling a few athletes to large international companies handling the running of arenas and events worldwide.