Schools and Colleges that offer Sports Management

There are many ways to get into the sports management field of work. While there are associate's degrees offered in sports management, most professionals working in the sports industry will tell you it is best to have a bachelor's degree. Sports management covers a very broad spectrum, so before you decide on what degree to pursue you will need to know what area in sports management you would like to specialize in. Many people are interested in the business end of sports management. You might consider a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Sports Management. You might consider a marketing degree if you are interested in the public relations area of the sports industry, again with an emphasis in sports management. There is a trend in many universities and colleges to offer a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management with a concentration in the area you wish to work in, for example a concentration in Fitness and Wellness. This concentration is for individuals wishing to work in the physical side of the sports industry, such as an athletic trainer. Students pursuing this degree will need to take several health/fitness certifications administered by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).

The general curriculum for a sports management degree starts with general education and requisite classes. This will include 101 level sports management classes and move onto upper level courses specific to the type of sports management career they would like to work in. For graduate students looking for a more in depth education master's degrees and MBAs are also offered in sports management and similar subjects. Many of these can be done through online programs to meet a busy schedule.

Location of Sports Management Colleges

Location is very important as certain regions of the country have close proximity to the sports industry that can help a student land a great internship or job. New York, Boston and Los Angeles are a few cities located close to opportunities in the sports world. For example the University of Connecticut is very close to ESPN in Bristol and has the proximity advantage when it comes to internships. Schools with Division one teams are ideal for sports management students because of the on campus access to the industry.

The Commission on Sport Management Accreditation is a good place to start when you are looking for a school or program.