Doctoral Programs in Sports Management

The highest degree you can pursue in sports management is a doctoral degree. Most PhD degree programs are designed to enable recent master's degree graduates and working professionals to achieve their educational and professional objectives. Doctorate degree programs usually take about 3 years to complete with 63 - 66 credit hours required. You will need to take about 45 credit hours of coursework - including 18 credit hours in research foundations - plus 18 hours of dissertation credits. Students will need to pass their final exam following the successful completion of all coursework. After passing the final exam students will need to complete their dissertation. A student must propose, conduct and defend a piece of original research all under the guidance of a dissertation committee.

Areas of Study for a Doctorate Degree in Sports Management

Doctorate degrees in the sports management field are fairly new PhD programs. In the past the PhD programs were housed in the management school and included a concentration in sport management, for instance; PhD in Management with a concentration in Sport Management. Some of the core classes in this doctorate program are: Sport Organizational Behavior, Sport Strategic Management, Sport Marketing, Sport Consumer Behavior, Sport Law, Sports Economics and Sport Finance. Recently many schools have started for offer a Doctor of Education in Sports Management with a specific emphasis. These emphases include some of the following areas of study: Sports Theory, Sports Coaching, Sports Fitness & Health, Olympism, and Sports Medicine.

Career Options with a Sports Management PhD

Students graduating with their PhD or EdD are in great demand and often have multiple job offers upon graduation. Most students pursuing their doctorate are preparing for an academic career, but others are looking to oversee a sports team and staff members, organizing major events or becoming a team director. You can find more information on programs approved by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA) on their website , or the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) website.